Bobcat Radio

Date: Jan 2010 to May 2015

A group of students and I at UC Merced tried to start a radio show. While having a internet radio and podcast was easily achievable, our goal was to have our own FM/broadcast radio for the university. Unfortunately, there were too much politics and not enough interest compared to the total cost it will take the school to make it happen. 

In the meantime, I learned and was inspired to do many other things:

  • I learned how to make my own radio shows and how to edit and balance the volumes of an audio track using open-source and free audio editing software. (Listen below for one of the only shows I made!)
  • Being at Bobcat Radio, I had the inspiration and opportunity to print t-shirts. I bought my own 4-color screen printing press kit including an infrared heater and learned how to silk-screen print t-shirts. This included burning the design negatives onto the screens, preparing the screens, knowing the right emulsion and inks to use depending on the material, printing multi-colors, etc.