Poster designs for Working Partnership USA

Date: December 2015

While Silicon Valley from the outside is viewed as an innovative and entrepreneurial area, some may not know that that the Silicon Valley is a home to a very diverse population. Many do not know that due to the rise of Silicon Valley and the housing crisis, a gap in income and inquality exist.

Working Partnerships USA (WPUSA) is a grassroot and non-profit organization based in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA). Their focus is in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color tackling root causes of inequality and poverty in the Silicon Valley. Some of their campaign collaborations include fighting for quality jobs and higher wages, advancing health and wellness in low-income communities and communities of color, and advocating for affodable housing and public transportation. You can find out more about their past and current work at their website.

In December 2015, WPUSA was planning a 20th anniversary gala event and I was assisting them as a planning and logistics coordinator. I did some event planning when I was in high school for a non-profit called Californians for Justice, organizing fundraisers and banquets so the experience came in handy. Some of the main assigments I had were finding and booking a fun activity such as hiring a photobooth, data cleaning by updating and consolidating old contact lists, making print materials such as sign-in sheets and name-tags, and small miscellaneous things I can to help out around the office. Most importantly and something I'm pretty proud of was creating posters for the gala. These posters showcased WPUSA's accomplishments and were professionally printed on 4x3 poster boards. They are not the most amazing posters ever. But since I do not have Photoshop or any Photoshop/graphic design experience, I used Powerpoint to design these posters. I'm surprise how they came out. I was creating posters with Powerpoint in graduate school for talks and conferences, so I'm glad that came in handy.

You can check these posters on the right. Each poster displays WPUSA's accomplishments in different categoties such as just economy, affordable housing and transportation, health and wellness, and promoting democracy.

Check out Working Partnerships USA and Silicon Valley RISING, and see what they're all about!

Working Partnerships USA

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