Solar-powered electric tractor

Date: Jan to May 2012


This was my capstone senior design project in undergrad at UC Merced. We were passed on the previous year's team of an electric tractor, and our new goal was to make it solar-powered. The tractor was donated without an operable motor, but it was refurbished to keep the frame and chasis. A golf cart motor was installed as well as a series of car batteries and residential-sized solar panels. Unfortunately because of the age of the tractor, the size and weight of the tractor was incredibly heavy. With the golf cart motor, it was able to drive at a 5-7 mph speed. 


The solar-powered electric tractor was made for the Recycling Club at UC Merced to move compost and recycling bins across campus. 

Team ElecTrac members:

Angel Mendoza

Josue Lopez

Timothy de La Fuente

Alecsandr Badalovr

Vivian Duong